MTC Logistics Group, LLC is a full service, certified minority-owned 3PL located in Atlanta, Georgia. MTC Logistics Group offers the most efficient and dependable transportation and logistics solutions to companies across the United States and globally. Our advanced technology platform allows us to customize our services to extend from procurement to brand activation.

MTC Logistics Group, LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Minority Transportation Consortium, LLC. The Minority Transportation Consortium is a national conglomerate of minority, veteran and women-owned trucking and logistics companies across the U.S. Our emerging industry footprint is a testament to our strategy of providing opportunities for small diverse carriers to function as one unit under a profit-sharing platform.  

The consortium was established as a collaboration between MTC, the National Minority Trucking Association (NMTA) and its member organizations. Each consortium member is a vetted NMTA transportation provider which insures that customers will receive superior service.  Modern day logistics is more than transportation. It is relationships that connect lives to positively impact our communities domestically and abroad. We specialize in forging those connections.

At MTC, we aim to transcend the trucking and logistics industry by offering infallible hauling and transportation services that exceed the expectations of our customers. Our environmentally friendly and problem-solving processes allows us to maximize the efficiency of service delivery while decreasing the cost of transporting products and goods. Therefore, we optimize the overall customer experience, saving you both time and money.

MTC offers years of industry experience and expertise to track and manage inventory, report activity, and offer timely delivery. MTC has an industry advantage in partnering with NMTA. We utilize our partnership to leverage guidance, training and education to yield added value and service credibility.

Whether connecting the supply chain by air, sea, or ground, MTC offers access to the appropriate modes of transport. Our seamless transportation solutions – and our ability to manage performance measures and standards between logistics service providers – translates into enhanced operational dexterity and improved efficiency for our clients.

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